Need help linking your LinkedIn account with your KW White Pages?

Are you struggling trying to get your LinkedIn account updated in the Keller Williams Realty White Pages? We have the answers for you! Just follow the steps below and get that LinkedIn account updated on your profile! Image

1.       Obtain your LinkedIn public profile URL personal identifier.

a.       Sign into LinkedIn with your email address and password.

b.      Hover your mouse over your name (in the upper right corner) and select Settings.

c.       In the box labeled “Profile” (lower half of the screen), click Edit your public profile, in the list of links labeled “Settings.”

d.      In the box labeled “Your public profile URL” (lower right corner of the screen), click Customize your public profile URL.

e.      In the window that appears, enter your preferred URL in the text field. The text field contains your LinkedIn profile personal identifier.

f.        Copy the contents of the text field. You will paste this into your White Pages Agent Profile in an upcoming step.

g.       Click Set Custom URL.

2.       Now, update your myKW White Pages Agent Profile.

a.       Go to, and click the Profile link next to your photo (in the upper left corner).

b.      In the column labeled “My KW Info,” click the edit link in the top cell, underneath “Whitepages.”

c.       Scroll down to the field labeled “LinkedIn” and paste in the text you copied in Step 1F above.
EXAMPLE: A LinkedIn profile URL might be But, in the myKW agent profile, in the LinkedIn field, it would only be entered as XXXXXX.

Information obtained from KW Support