myTransactions Product Update 8/1/13

myTransactions Product Update 8/1/13


Thu, 08/01/2013

Product Updates

On the evening of August 1st the following features were updated or added to the new myTransactions:

  • Signature Verification:
A link was added to access the signature verification page from an interactive form without the need to download as a PDF first.
Moved the verification link in PDF documents from the bottom to the top of the document.
Signatures in a PDF are now also linked to the verification page.
Modified the layout of the signature verification page
  • Signature Adjustments          Signatures now show the time stamp (HH:MM AM/PM Timezone)

  • Assigning Roles to Live Forms:
When you open a live form you can assign the signature and initial fields by assigning a person to a role on the form.  (More, Assign Roles).   If you wish to remove that person from the signature or initial fields, you can now do so by selecting “Select Person”.

Release Update

New and improved updates from DotLoop! They HEAR us!!!

Did you see the new updates from DotLoop? If not, read on!

myTransactions Product Update 7/25/13


Fri, 07/26/2013

Product Updates

On the evening of July 25th the following features were updated or added to the new myTransactions:

  • Document Order when opening documents
Documents will now open in the order shown in the loop.  They will also maintain that order when shared and opened by your client.
  • Enhanced Share permissions
Renamed the sharing permissions and added a third option to sharing permissions.  Also added hover boxes with information on the option and recommendations on recommended useage.
Can View
Can Edit
Can Modify.
*This information was obtained from on 7/26/2013


DotLoop 2.0 Frequently Asked Questions…Answered! 


It’s a bittersweet feeling, but after 25 trainings throughout our six Heart of Atlanta Group locations, our DotLoop 2.0 tour has concluded. We received SO many great questions and we’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked and answered them below. If you have additional questions please feel free to post them here or join our Facebook group KW Tech Tools and TipsThe eEdge myTransactions Mastermind Group is another excellent resource.

  1. Documents being sent to co-op agent not arriving in agents email, but clients are able to see. Please verify that the email address of the co-op agent is correct and doesn’t have any restrictions. Also, have the co-op agent check their SPAM folder. If that doesn’t work please call the KW dedicated support line @ 513-257-0558 or email them at
  2. Can documents be downloaded? Sure! To download a document, simply hover over the document and to the far right you should see a drop down appear. From there click on download and your document will be downloaded as a PDF file.
  3. Can you re-share a document? Absolutely, just click on the documents you want to re-share and click share. Documents must have the same status to be sent together.
  4. The font size is too small, can this be fixed? Yes, as of last week this issue has been resolved.
  5. What is the best browser to use with DotLoop? KW Systems work best with Firefox, followed by Chrome/Safari.
  6. Where is the Submit for Review Button? The submit for review button is located at the top right corner of your loop right next to your loop status field.
  7. Where is the Submit Greensheet Button? The Submit Greensheet button is located in the “edit details” section (underneath the property address). Once you are in the edit details screen the Submit Greensheet button is located at the top right next to submit for review or another link is located at the bottom of the screen.
  8. How many folders can I have in my loop? Currently, there is no limit to how many folders you can have in a loop.
  9. Will team members from the Classic DotLoop be grandfathered in? As of right now, team members will be grandfathered in.
  10. When are emails sent for assigned tasks? An email is sent at the time you create the task and again the day that the task is due as a reminder.
  11. Can you un-share a document? Great question, simply click on outline of a person located to the far right of your document. On the next screen click on the x to remove the person that you shared the document with and click save at the bottom.
  12. When a change is made to a document is it still highlighted in DotLoop 2.0? Yes, the color is a pale yellow. A request has been put into DotLoop support to make it more noticeable.

Suggestions that have been made that are not yet changed: 

  1. Adding more amendments
  2. Date modified status
  3. Binding agreement date to be fixed
  4. To have just a view form option
  5. To have just a sign form option
  6. Special Stipulation drop down option (for the time being you can auto populate your SS to your form sets)
  7. Categorize GAR documents by type

Post additional suggestions below!

Need help linking your LinkedIn account with your KW White Pages?

Are you struggling trying to get your LinkedIn account updated in the Keller Williams Realty White Pages? We have the answers for you! Just follow the steps below and get that LinkedIn account updated on your profile! Image

1.       Obtain your LinkedIn public profile URL personal identifier.

a.       Sign into LinkedIn with your email address and password.

b.      Hover your mouse over your name (in the upper right corner) and select Settings.

c.       In the box labeled “Profile” (lower half of the screen), click Edit your public profile, in the list of links labeled “Settings.”

d.      In the box labeled “Your public profile URL” (lower right corner of the screen), click Customize your public profile URL.

e.      In the window that appears, enter your preferred URL in the text field. The text field contains your LinkedIn profile personal identifier.

f.        Copy the contents of the text field. You will paste this into your White Pages Agent Profile in an upcoming step.

g.       Click Set Custom URL.

2.       Now, update your myKW White Pages Agent Profile.

a.       Go to, and click the Profile link next to your photo (in the upper left corner).

b.      In the column labeled “My KW Info,” click the edit link in the top cell, underneath “Whitepages.”

c.       Scroll down to the field labeled “LinkedIn” and paste in the text you copied in Step 1F above.
EXAMPLE: A LinkedIn profile URL might be But, in the myKW agent profile, in the LinkedIn field, it would only be entered as XXXXXX.

Information obtained from KW Support